Sulli Cute Style 03

 Sulli (Fx) is one of the five-member in Fx Korean girl band. Born on March 29 1994. This cute girl herself has a real name Choi Jinri but usually called Sulli. If you are crazy about K-pop and all about korean styles, musics, dramas and celebrities you must notice with her super cute face. Many people are really crazy about her cute face that impresses the beauty of innocence. Just like a porcelain doll, her plump lips, blossom cheek and porcelain skin makes many women are hurt by envious feeling.

Therefore, we gonna peeking up her girly styles in her “pink Wings” photo shoot. It may inspires you to make up your self with girly style in your hangout party, bright day, and others. Lets having fun!

Sulli Fx Cute style


Sulli Fx Cute style 01


Sulli Cute Style 01


Sulli Cute Style 04


Sulli Cute Style 02

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  1. heziel mae says:

    sulli is very beautiful,cute,baby face so very pretty lady.

  2. heziel mae says:

    i love f(x) group and my favorite movie to the beautiful you saranghae <3 <3 <3

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