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Stella De Libero Wedding Dress 05

 If you often find wedding dress with common designs: plain, ruffled, laced and white. Yet, these extravagant wedding dresses look sumptuous and gorgeous. It was designing by bravura skills and high creativity from Stella de Libero. It so colorful and bright, we are absolutely stunning and  speechless due to the beauty of the dresses. Besides the dresses fall into the french style it reminds us with the last queen of French dress, Maria Antoinette. Reflecting the glamour and feminism of woman.

Some of these royal wedding dresses itself may were made by kimono fabrics which full with floral patterns and voluminous. More over the hair accessories was so outstanding. You must in desire to have these wedding dress.

Stella De Libero Wedding Dress 04


Stella De Libero Wedding Dress 01


Stella De Libero Wedding Dress 02


Stella De Libero Wedding Dress 06


Stella De Libero Wedding Dress 03


Stella De Libero Wedding Dress 07

Sources: stella-house lechiffon

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  1. Hello,
    would like to know where i can buy one of these fantastic wedding gowns from stella de libero in the usa. prefere florida, New York,texas
    kind regards, Dorothee

  2. Rosa Sanchez says:

    i would also like to know where i can purchase a stella de libero dress in the usa. i would fly/drive to any state.

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