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Awesome japenese bridal and makeup

A Wedding day must be the most special day and memorable experience for every bride.  They also believe that they should prepare everything prefect and become the only one ever. Hence, there are many brides hunt the most unique, beautiful, and also sincere theme for their wedding. Thus, we are going to close up the modern Japanese unique Bridal as our wedding theme for this time.

Modern Japanese Bridal 1

What do you imagine when you hear Japanese unique bridal as our wedding theme? I’m sure you image a kimono as the wedding outfit but  you go wrong in this occasion, because we will capture the incredible bridal which is combined with contemporary style. You will pampered by the beautiful modern Japanese bridal with Japanese accessories and makeup.

Modern Japanese Bridal 2

Commonly, the Japanese bride may be painted by pure white from head to toe as the declaration of her maiden status to the gods and her attire consist of a beautiful kimono, heavy make-up, a wig, and a head covering. Yet, in this development of fashion world, let me show you the incredible modern Japanese bridal full with the awesome hair style combine with heavy makeup. It looks so exotic and artistic.

Awesome Japanese Bridal and Makeup

Awesome Japanese Bridal and makeup 1

Modern Japanese Bridal 4

Awesome Japanese Bridal and Makeup 2

Modern japanese Bridal 3

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